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I purchased three items on 06/05/2014 totaling $560.42. The items were 80250976 x2 and one 40227983 which is two bookshelves and one piece that joins them together.

These items were delivered to my home and I paid a fee of $60.77 to do so, all charged on my credit card. Shortly after receiving these items I found that the quality was not satisfactory and decided to return them for a refund. I spoke to Kenya Jones from the Ikea resolution team who processed my case and told me someone would contact me within 48 - 72 hours about picking up the items. The only question mark was that I had already assembled one of the items but she said she would note that and it could be discussed when somebody called me.

Nobody every contacted me at all. On 06/11/2014 I called the Ikea contact center at 888-888-4532. The person I spoke to had no information about the status of this request. They transferred me to the local Ikea in Centennial, CO and I spoke with someone named Jack in "After Sales".

He reported that a pickup was no something they were willing to do unless I drove to the store and paid another delivery fee. I explained that Kenya did not indicate that would be necessary and he said he did not care what I was told before. He was condescending, laughed at me when I requested to speak with a manager and said he did not have to do anything I told him to under any circumstances. When I asked why no one had called me within the time period I was given I was told it was because I should be returning the items myself.

The items are large and I do not have the means to return them on my own, so Jack suggested I keep them instead. Again, he did not care who I spoke to before, refused to get me in touch with a manager and refused to give me his last name, even though Kenya Jones offered it at the beginning of the earlier call. Nowhere on the receipt, the order agreement or the signage in the store does it state that a return cannot be made without first paying delivery fees or bringing it yourself, in fact the store signage says the opposite. The service agreement only lays out this policy for "as-is" merchandise of which this was not.

The store is basically refusing to refund my money unless I pay the store to pick up my items or bring them back myself. Even if I did bring them back myself, one piece was assembled and Jack informed me that they may or may not refund my money on that one depending on how good of a job I did assembling it. Again, the signage in the store says items can be returned for any reason within the allotted time of which this is.

This information also directly contradicts what I was told by Kenya Jones in the Resolution team on 06/07/2014. Ikea in Centennial, CO is either directly ripping people off or is allowing disgruntled employees to do so out of spite.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $560.

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