Tacoma, Washington
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Went to the local IKEA to purchase storage cabinets. The employee on the floor helped me figure out what pieces I needed and input the info into their computer system and sent me out to the warehouse where they pulled the items and put them into my truck.

When I got home, I put together all the cabinets but one. Everything was fine. When I went to install the lone wall-mounted unit some months later, after the remodeling was complete, I discovered that they had given me the wrong color. IKEA refused to exchange the item because the end of the box had been opened!

(How could I have known it was the wrong color without looking at the actual item?) Since I had not pulled the box off their shelf myself, I had no way of knowing the error, especially give that the other dozen or so boxes were the correct items in the correct color. Their customer service will horrendous, even to the point of implying that the error was my fault. The remodel of this room without cannot be completed without the matching cabinet, which IKEA now says is no longer available (so I can't even BUY it again).

After literally spending thousands of dollars at IKEA, I will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cabinet.

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The boxes did NOT have the color listed on them. There is nothing but a number, which, by the way, matched the other boxes.


So...does the box NOT have the color on the label located on the outside of the box? Sorry this happened to you, but you should have checked all boxes sooner.