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IKEA sells a set of LED lamps for which the plug is a *custom adapter made specifically for IKEA* by an electronics manufacturer in China named Helms-Man.

My (otherwise very nice) lighting fixture needs a replacement adapter in order to restore the fixture to working order.

Today IKEA customer service put in writing for me a flat refusal to allow customers to buy replacement adapters that are *only available through IKEA.*

This apparently means that IKEA has a corporate policy that customers *cannot* repair a fixture for which an adapter *manufactured for IKEA* is required.

IKEA is forcing customers to senselessly send an entire lighting fixture to a landfill - as if the light is broken. It's not! IKEA is *withholding the plug adapter* required to plug it into a wall.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Same thing happened to me! I am NOT happy!


You couldnt be more correct. Ikea thinks they are tree huggers while they are the worst


Same Issue What a waste of resources, Ikea sells you a lamp that breaks within a year and you cant purchase a replacement transformer. I wont waste my money or time a second time shopping at Ikea


How about, Go to Ikea & Buy another lamp. Take the adaptor that you need & then return the lamp? Illegal but we would be willing to pay if they gave us that option.


I have done this before for curtain railings. Very bad luck to the customer who buys my returned item (in perfect packing condition too.)


IKEA might have an exclusive on it's branded transformers but the good news is that they don't have an exclusive on electricity. You don't have to use IKEA's transformer.

Check the voltage for the bulbs in your lamp. In the case of the STRANNE lamp, it uses LED bulbs which are 5 volts. Go to radio shack and pick up a generic transformer, one with adjustable voltages. Cut off the connector on the end of the Ikea lamp and cut off the connector on the end of the radio shack transformer.

Connect the wires together.

If the light does not turn on, then change the polarity of the wires and test again. End result, your Ikea lamp will light up.


I too have had this problem. Lost the adapter during a move and they told me at Ikea that i was just out of luck.

Ikea never returned my email inquiring about a replacement adaptor. Will never buy another lighting fixture from this company.


I have two burnt adaptors and IKEA refused to sell me the adaptors as parts. I am really pissed.

IKEA should be decent enough to put up big sign boards at the display SHELF of the LED lamp that no PARTS will be available after sales. at least they can give a choice to the customer.

#551095 - Kuala Lump

Have the some problem, I wonder how they can continue to do business, what a ripoff, probably planned that way


Well, what do you know, we just went through exactly the same experience. I refuse to give up and trash this expensive fixture.

Surely there must be a way to find a universal adapter? Meanwhile it's fair to say that Ikea's policy is unacceptable.