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I guess I'm not the first one to complain about the customer service at ikea I'm helping a friend install a kitchen at his home and about to return everything back to them and never shop there again. it started off they went to make the purchase on a debit card and it didn't go through yes that was our problem well they stated that they then couldn't take a payment over the phone so the store is 2.5 hours away so my friend goes back and ends up talking to another kitchen planner who changes the order by 1500 short then charges 150 for shipping well we waited a month and a half for it to show up and things where wrong and short a lot of things so they call to correct it they added one cabinet to the order the store was out of stock on some drawer fronts which now they are still out of stock on and have no clue when they are supposed to get more,it could be months.

so to correct there mistake i drove down to make sure everything was OK because every time i talked to anyone on the phone which was very hard to do they could not give me a straight answer on the order got there the order still wasn't right so on top of all this they tried to charge a second delivery fee which we got them to return i think I'm being reasonable to say after 3 months and it still not being resolved the least that should be returned is the initial drop off fee this has pushed back other work that i was going to start costing me money. tell me if u think i should proceed with anything else

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cabinet.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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