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I will never purchase another product from Ikea ever again. They have the worst customer service ethics I ever experienced.The product I purchased from there was a bed frame and headboard.They do not tell you that some of the parts you will need are a seperate purchase.It is rediculouse how they do not make an effort to help you load the boxes on your cart even if they are taller than you or even weigh more than you.Good luck if you order anything additional from Ikea such as additional needed parts.

It will take forever to recieve and the packaging will come damaged. They do not do anything to compensate either for their poor customer service.

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First off I have never been to an Ikea since that first time. I didn't go online.

When I was in the store I didn't even see my bedframe on display. An associate just told me what isle it was in and the bin number. They weren't even sure if it was in stock.That's how accurate they are with their stock. the isle where it was located I didn't see a sign saying additional parts needed near it.

throughout the store I saw signs saying don't forget additional parts but I had no idea that particular bedframe needed any additional parts and it was very scarce trying to find someone to even help or assist me with lifting the 6ft boxes.

I just wish that the workers at Ikea were more helpful because a first time shopper like me had no idea that extra parts were needed or even where they were located. It was my first and last time to Ikea.


Every single bed frame at IKEA has a tag on it that says you need the midbeam and slatted bed base (if not using a box spring) and in the aisle where you pick the bed frames, there are more reminders to pick the additional required items. Also, when you go to IKEA.COM and click on the Bedroom tab, it pops up a screen saying "dont forget to order slats and midbeam", sooooooooooo

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