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love Ikea....if I wanted real quality that would cost me a pretty penny and last a lifetime, I would shop else where! Filled my place with tons of candles and pictures today.

Are you people really complaing about a table that falls apart after you only pay 29.95 ....give me a break! Shopping @ Ikea is like going to Mcdonalds for dinner. You cant complain about the condition your stomach is in after you chose to stuff that Big Mac down your throat.

Take responsibilty for your own actions! Ikea....keep up the good work;-) Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Amen to that. Some of their stuff is nice, I like their real wood shelving.

But other things are made of junk particle board, covered in tacky finishes, and requiring much screwing together to assemble. If you want quality, esp for bigger pieces, try second-hand and 'antique'stores. Back in the day, everything was made of real wood, and made to last. A lot of it's going cheap because people don't have space, or want something lightweight and portable.

Or 'modern' looking.

But you're absolutely right, people get what they pay for. (Same with 'service'- if they can afford to sell furniture cheap, they're not spending money on top-of-the-line materials and they're not paying employees much.

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