Amsterdam, North Holland

In September 2007 I tried to buy a large bedroom Pax wardrobe from Ikea and from day one they were not on stock so I purchased in two Ikeas all material. Installing was no problem (though the compartiments were very heavy as well as the partly-glass Fevik doors).

Everything all right until the end of October 2011 when one door collapsed (the glass was obviously too heavy for the Ikea glue.... ) so we took the broken door back to the one Ikea (in the Netherlands) without our purchase proof... but with our bank account papers telling (enough proof) we spend over € 550 in that particular Ikea store that day. So they printed another purchase note and told us to go home with the broken door and wait for the telephone call, a Ikea person would arrive at our adress for advise because the colour (middle brown) was not available anymore.... they thought we could have another door on request made in that colour.

But... nothing of this is true. I am forced to take their advice to take in April 2012 a light-coloured wardrobe and bring my whole brown heavy wardrobe back to their store. Imagine me, with my clothes and other private stuff throughout the house... Or... I could take their light-coloured doors in April 2012 (leaving all brown stuff in my house). Or I could glue my broken doors together.... I have no further comments to that and they have lost one costumer (telling all relatives and whoever this may read) not to buy large stuff at Ikea!!!! Never buy there again. 10 years of guarantee? Until the door we say in our country.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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