IKEA - Palo Alto - cashier waves receipt in my face for about one minute. He has his back turned to me through out the checkout process.

He's talking to the other cashier the whole time. After I pay, he pulls the receipt, and just flings his arm back waving the receipt in the air. Stunned by his apparent disdain for the customer, I stood disgusted and refused to grab it, forcing him to turn around - the *** didn't even get my glare. All in all a very irritating trip: spending 15 minutes trying to find someone to load shelves onto cart, finding out the only lights that worked on the bookshelves I bought were sold out, had to get clarification that benno and billy are in fact same height according to rep but not website or store packaging, etc...

However, the trip to your store will not be a total loss. This will be a nice story for my students in our User Experience class this week.

WOW Ikea you have inspired me so much. I will now be starting my class with a 5 minute game of "So How Do They Stay In Business".

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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