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I begged my father to order furniture from Ikea for my daughter. We spent a whole month to locate items for my 11y/o.

He ordered online and paid for the high shipping charge. The delivery took a month and a half to come and the delivery company name is Air traffic freight in Orlando,Fl. They did not like the fact that I was on the 3rd floor and they refused to give me a receipt for this $1,400 purchase. They damaged my wall and left my other boxes in their warehouse.

This is in addition to them not coming at the time they were to show up. After contacting Ikea about the boxes missing and the fact that the Ikea bed slats were defective and my 11 y/o continued to fall through the bed. They sent out another set of bed slats and the *** delivery people forgot another box and left an additional. This is again in addition to the delivery company damaging my wall and refusing to pick up the extra box.

I was told by Ikea to throw it out myself. We put the new slats together and they too were defective. The desk that I ordered was damaged and the two dressers that I ordered are not stable. I them continued to call Ikea after sales dept.

and they basically refused to help me. I them went into the store and returned the slats and expressed my issue and they told me to bring back the desk and the mid beam to the bed, because the mid beam was discontinued and not affective. I went back the next day and did what the sale person told me . This was after the returns clerk was rude and nasty.

I went back home with the new desk and the new bed beam and the mid beam did not work. I went back to the store for the third day after calling the store three times the day before. I was told by a manager to come back in and speak to the C/S manager. I was shuffled around like a deck of cards.

The C/S manager was arrogant and rude and suggested that I break the bed down and bring it back. I was so enraged! I explained that my 11 y/o was unable to sleep in this bed when this bed was purchased back in May and this is August 16Th. I explained that my father paid for delivery service and you have received $1400 of his money and I have Crappy furniture.

In addition they wanted me to break the furniture down and drive to the store , rent a van, drive back to my apartment, pick up the furniture (3rd floor)drive back to the store, unload and pick up new furniture, drive back home unload the bed with my 11y/o and walk up three flights of stairs and return back to the store to return van and pick my car up. But, they would reimburse me for the van rental. I them decided to really get upset and said if they did not take care of the delivery and pick of the old bed I will not only call the BBB, the local news and any darn person who will hear how this multimillion dollar company takes advantage of single women and their children. The *** sales manager finally, said he will help me after trying to walk fast so I could be lost in the store.

He them set up the new delivery and pick and we went upstairs to look at the beds. He saw for his self that the slats were defective on the floor model. The sales guy had to tell him about the product because he was clueless. He agreed to pick up the furniture and give me a bed base so my child will not continue to hurt herself.

He also explained that he will take care of all the delivery, and exchange charges.He also explained that he would indeed find bed slat to go under the bed base for extra protection. I thought that this would finally be resolved. The next day the delivery people of course did not come at the time that was scheduled. I received a call from the returns dept.

and they told me i had a credit and I could come and use the credit in the store. I explained that this should have been taken care of by the c/s manager. She explained that they would check on it and get back to me. 5 days later I get another call from the same sales lady and explains to me that the c/s manager said" I would have to pay the balance for the bed base and delivery." I lost my temper on the phone and demanded that this be taken care of or I would sue!

I received a another phone call 10 mins later and was told that it would be all taken care of and the delivery time will be the next day . They delivery time came and went and I was stuck in the house all day and of course the furniture was missing the slats, that was supposed to be added on per the manager's suggestion. My 11y/o daughter broke down, because she knew that she would not be able to sleep in her bed again. The staff and company are rude, disrespectful and hold no moral value's in regards to their customers.

I will never purchase from Ikea ever again!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I had probably the worst customer service experience I have ever encountered at the Orlando IKEA store. In early December I purchased a loft bed from the store for my daughter's Christmas present. I didn't set it up until Christmas Eve and at that time I realized I had only one of 2 boxes. She was disappointed that we couldn't set up her bed, but went to the store with me on the day after Christmas.

I attempted to see if I could get the other box, but was refused quite rudely by an employee because I no longer had my receipt. Yet I had pictures of the box at home, pictures of the pieces I had, my bank statement confirming the IKEA purchase on 12/11/11 for the purchase price of the bed.

At the time of my original purchase nobody informed me I was missing a box. I agree I should have noticed it myself, but it was a mistake. However, I was forced to buy ANOTHER ENTIRE BED just to get the missing box. I don't have the money to do that, but I did it because I didn't want to disappoint my daughter.

It was disrespectful and extremely poor customer service. I will never shop from that store again and I will not hesitate to tell everyone I know about the insensitive employees that work there.

Merry Christmas

IKEA Customer Service is the WORST. I bought wardrobes from them.

They shipped the wrong products, delivery drivers were rude, refused to take back wrong pieces, store manager gave the run-around, ... ditto all this experience. What finally resolved this was putting a hold on the credit card :). THEN, they fixed the problem.

Ikea is the worst. Ikea Wardrobe, Ikea Pax, are the very worst when they come to post-sales handling.

Good job Anthony! I wish you the best of luck.

My daughter's bed is still on the floor and the dressers and night stand are still loose. The furniture is crappy and useless! As for Drewsbro you are still an ***! I know Ikea pays you alot of money to make comments.

But, my father's $1400 Amex purchase tell's the whole truth, in addition too phone records and receipts! What I do appreciate is spending my money at other stores and getting wonderful c/s and quality products.

Yuksekova, Hakkari, Turkey #32489

Also drewsbro when Ikea called me after they picked upthe furniture the same manager pretended that he knew nothing about exchanging the bed slats for the bed base. We went through this issue again for another two weeks.

Her dressers already are haveing problems. It was a time when you got what you paid for and companies were good and descent retailers. If Ikea is so great check the BBB.

I wish I did before we purchased the furniture. When I called the IKEA C/S the agent said they get a number of complaints all the time.

Yuksekova, Hakkari, Turkey #32486

Drewsbro are you ***! Why should I be appreciative about spending $1400 for crappy furniture.

They still did not fix the problem. They tried charging me extra money after why tried to exchange everything. When you go into the store there is a department called after sale department. This is for online, via phone and in store purchases.

But when you go to the store you have to look fofr the C/S, beacuse they have it hidden and no sign to direct you and the returns dept will not tell you. They only way I got service was to threat to sue! I do not believe that Ikea has many differnt store under one name. If you knew the fact ***, you would know that you regardless of online or in the store you can do exchanges.

This is with any major retailer. But, it sound like you may be an Ikea insider. We received the second bed and my 11 year old has not been able to sleep in her bed and by the way the *** delivery people scratched the bed and came 3 hours after scheduled delivery time.

when I called Ikea they said they could not help me. what other furniture store do you know goes through this much trouble.


I am having a complete air and ground war with IKEA over a $3,000.00 purchase of IKEA "Tundra" laminate flooring. I had a professional flooring team install 2,500 sq ft.

of this flooring which began to buckle, peak and warp about ninty days after installation. The installed flooring looks like really cheap linoleum once it loses its "WOOD like" appearance in about 90 days. It is nothing like the flooring on display in the Ikea store. NASTY, and I mean really NASTY people greet you when you come back to the store looking for answers to their cheap products.

They try to tell you from the outset that they are not responsible for any disatisfaction over LKEA's poorly performing, cheap, products. Essentially I was told, at the outset, that I will suffer the consequences of being dumb enough to buy something this complex and expensive from IKEA without a prior experience with the product. Plus, the IKEA employees lie about who the manager is, where the manager is, and their own assignment in the store. The store telephone computer routes all telephone calls to Baltimore Maryland where irate customer telephone numbers are tagged and sent in circular transciption loops that promise that a reresentative will speak to them in a moment, but one never does.

I was told on the very first call and the first in-store visit that an investigator from the store would schedule a meeting with me at the house and inspect the flooring. This has never happened. No one from IKEA has called. I know about the routing of telephone calls to Baltimore because a little bird in the IKEA store told me so on one of my many visits to the store.

I have been in the war about thirty days now. My complaint in federal court is aboput half done.

I'll keep you posted. B.J.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #32024
You really need to tell the truth about your experience. IKEA online and the store are two separate entities.

From what you are saying the store tried to fix the problems you had with your online purchase and for that you should be appreciative. :p

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