I planned and ordered a kitchen from IKEA, 2,05 metres - so not really that big of a deal. First of all the delivery got cancelled without us knowing about it, meaning we waited for about 5 hours for nothing. Btw I moved to another city so I was waiting in an empty flat for nothing - meaning I couldn't do anything else. Then two days later, after 4 hours of talking to IKEA on the phone beforehand, the order came 2 hours late, after we called them again and asked about the delivery. Then it took about 5 men to build/mess up the kitchen in one WHOLE day - just reminding you of the size: it's a freaking 2,05 metre long kitchen. So the builders left us with a half unfinished, messed up kitchen. They even charged us extra because we wanted them to fix a few lights and put up the blinds - which were all from IKEA.

Now I am currently waiting for IKEA the 4th time for them to come to my flat and fix the things they have broken or which they couldn't install, because THEY forgot some very essential parts for the installation. I've been waiting for 2,5 hours again and when trying to call IKEA they're always on hold.

Not to mention the amount of time waiting and the huge amount of money that we've already invested because of IKEAs bad information or miscomunication or simply because of IKEAs lack of organisation and huge incompetence.

I'm not saying that the products are bad, even though you can forget their blinds, those are ridicoulus. We had to fix three out of five, and two are broken again. What I'm saying though is that they always talk about their amazing customer support, and how important the customer is for them etc Well, I start to question that, because I don't really feel like a valued customer nor that they take me and the problems they caused in my flat seriously.

Meaning, I will NEVER EVER order a installation by IKEA again, nor will I ever plan a kitchen there again. It's a freaking nightmare, and it's not even over yet!

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