I purchased a table and hardware was missing. Ikea will not provide hardware because I do not have a receipt.

Not trying to replace table just want what was not in the box in the first place, hardware to put the thing together! 7 employees had the opportunity to correct this simple problem but all refused stating that I needed a receipt. None of them had the common sense to realize that I was only asking for 12 special screws, a wrench and 4 pieces of foam to protect glass that can only be used for that table, something that should have been in the box to beg

in with. Total incompetence.

Now I have a table that can't be put together.

If you think this is unbelievable as I do your right! Done with Ikea.

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There's no ikea in Iowa city...

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #643776

I have the same problem with a dining room table. The hardware was not in the box and I don't have the receipt. Not my fault someone in Sweden was sleeping on the job.



I had the same experience with hardware for a desk. So frustrating!!

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