I spent over $7,000 on an IKEA kitchen. The order failed to include cabinets I ordered, included several cabinets I did not order, and included cabinet doors and drawer fronts that were oak when I ordered white.

I had to make five (5) additional trips to the store to complete the order. Every time I had to return an item, customer service was rude and difficult. As it took more than 90 days for me to complete the kitchen (given all the back and forth to IKEA), I had additional items that needed to be returned. After 90 days, good luck returning an item to IKEA.

I was questioned ad infinitum, the brand new, unopened merchandise was opened, and then I was told that a return would be accepted only with a 40% discount as the boxes were damaged. I explained that the merchandise was new, never opened and in the same condition that I received it. The rude IKEA manager said that the boxes were damaged and they could not resell the merchandise.

I am convinced that the employees are trained to sell you more than you ordered, and then they make it very difficult to return anything to the store. The 90 day return policy is short as they know that many of their products will last only 90 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cabinet.

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