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After choosing a chair and footstool at the Charlotte IKEA store my husband and I tried to pick it up, pay and leave. After spending over 1 hour locating, waiting for, and explaining what we needed to the "customer service" person in the pick up area, we learned that the footstool was out of stock and could not be paid for until it was in stock.

Furthermore, we would be required to pay in advance for the chair, hope the footstool came into stock, then drive the 1 hour each way BACK to IKEA to pay (again, in advance) for the footstool if and when it ever showed up in stock. After calling for a few days the footstoll was back in stock, I drove all the way there to pay for it, and was told both pieces would be ready for pick up in 1 week or less -- they were supposedly in the SC facility. Well, here it is a month later and no chair, no ottoman, and every time I call IKEA for answers they have no idea and can not/will not provide any, much less realistic, delivery dates. I feel like I am stuck in the movie the MOney Pit "It will be here in two weeks!

Two weeks! Two weeks!". I will call my credit card company in the morning to dispute the charges for non-delivery and get my refund that way. These people are inance, borderline fraudulent, and while they may have manufacture or cheap furinture under control, they are impossible to deal with and highly hypocritical of the so-called green philosophy they trumpet at every possible moment.

Truly, this company is terrible and unless I am buying 100 tea lights for $1 or cheap paper napkins, I will never buy anything from this company ever again.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Chair.

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