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I made a 1600$ purchase in Ikea Tempe, and when I was mounting my brand new table I noticed that a hardware came defective. Not a simple screw, but one of those hardwares make exclusively for Ikea furniture.

I sent them a spare request and was informed, by email, that I should wait up to 9-14 business days! It happened in October 6th. Today (October 14th) I decided to call to know about the status of my request, and I was informed that I should wait, because the hardware is coming from... SWEDEN!!!

I made my purchase in Tempe and I live in Tucson, for God's sake!

I sent them ALL the informations about the purchase (receipt number, date, contacts etc), but still they claim that, since I cannot come back to the store (1.5 hours driving), I should wait. The small hardware, according to the customer service, is coming directly from Sweden to my house.

In the mean time, I have a half-mounted table, legs-up, in the middle of my dining room.

I cannot believe that such a BIG company like IKEA can be so "***". Oops! The *** person here is... me! >:-(

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And even I have to say...

aw, poor baby. Did you really take the time time to type that out?

wait... am I really (really?) taking the time to...

well, I'm on the toilet, so... good luck.


I am not sure I understand your complaint. You have a justifiable amount of frustration about the table taking up space and being half-finished.

I completely agree. However, IKEA clearly prints the product's country of origin on each label. When I left IKEA a year ago, we still only manufactured a handful of products in the USA. If you purchased IKEA Stockholm products, you may very well have picked out something that is only from Sweden.

Whether you paid $1600 or $16, if the part wasn't available, it wasn't available. You deserved an update (call, email, postcard) regarding your part request. Honestly, this doesn't seem that different than a car part from a foreign car. I would love to hear if you received it on time.

Sweden's working calendar varies slightly, of course, so I hope it wasn't too late. In my experience that particular division was very good at follow up.

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