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IKEA Dublin has big posters about their mattress refund policy hanging around at the Costumer Service and the bed section in their Dublin branch.

It says that You can try out a mattress at home and if You're not content with it, You can give it back within 90 days with total refund.That sounds very costumer friendly and tempting.

What they don't tell You is that

a) You get the refund only in form of a voucher (What the *** do I do with an IKEA-voucher when all I want is a good mattress?)

and b) That mattress exchange is only possible ONCE. That means the second time another mattress *** Your back up, You are stuck with that one!If I had known that I would never ever have bought/tried the second one!Answer to my complaint was that I SHOULD HAVE ASKED the service IF I can exchange a second time...WHAT??? What about writing that below the ad in smaller letters so people don't get confused...or are they supposed to......??!

I'm done with IKEA!!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Typical IKEA response after they have your money. Written by a high school dropout using their new found authority. :grin

Nooope. It does NOT say total refund.

It's the Love it Or Exchange It policy. (notice- not RETURN.) You get a store credit for the price of the mattress usable towards another mattress. That is a corporate rule, and it is veeeery well written out on the signs. What would make you think you can get a full refund on a mattress?

Nowhere else will return a mattress. You realize, they can't do anything with it after you bring it back after sleeping on it, right? Retailers can't resell used mattresses because they potentially carry disease.

They front the cost if you aren't completely happy with the first mattress you get, and you complain that you can't bring back two? Good luck finding a company that will even take back a used mattress and give you anything back.

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