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My Ikea mirror fell off the wall last night and exploded into splinters and shards that spread from wall to wall.

I am soooo pleased it didn't happen during the day, although the shock was - um - shocking, and the clean-up took hours.

Returned the remaining mirror to Ikea today, together with pieces of busted one, and customer "service" did not give a toss. No receipt = no refund, no apology, no nothing. No matter that the mirror had IKEA written on it, no receipt, etc., etc., etc.

Makes them t*****s, imho.

STAY AWAY, folks. They want your money but take no responsibility.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Same thing just happened to me last night. My mirror fell from the wall.

The mirror is very heavy and the frame eventually gave way from the wire and screw that are holding it up on the wall.

This is a hazard for any of you that have toddlers running around. Ikea should seriously discontinue this item.

Poor assembly job and glue and materials are very cheap.


And who put the mirror up????


You *** cow!

Middle of the night, nobody around, mirror been on the wall for over a year!

What is you problem, ***?


Tashas in the 8th grade! "Your face probably broke the mirror" GOOOOOOOOOD ONE.

I understand how expensize Ikea can be, but just like most other things under warranty... must be no less than perfect upon returning