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I have been shopping there for years(Woodbridge, VA) I have several items within my home, that I use on a daily basis from them. If the items are assembled CORRECTLY they will last!!

Myself & my husband are a bit on the fluffy side & we have been sleeping on an IKEA bed for 5+ years(moved it once). It is the sturdiest bed I have ever encountered. Not to mention the bed still looks BRAND NEW. Another thing, we have had to return items to the store on several occasions w/no issues.

As long as you have the receipt(assembeled or not) they had No issue. I did have a damaged piece that we assembled & took back the next day, they happily exchanged it for us. As for all of you that say that IKEA "sucks" maybe you need to look back at the situation. Did you have a receipt?

Did you have an attitude? If you treat people like *** they tend to treat you the same.

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Unfairly high expectations + treating people poorly = way too many complaints on this website. Most I read have to do with someone expecting the employee to bend over backwards to make you happy.

Others just defy common sense and logic. Threats, cursing, and insults tell me everything I need to know about their complaints.


I've been shopping at the Seattle (Kent) IKEA store for years w/no trouble.

I've even done a few returns. It always went smoothly. Then again, I always had my receipt.

Some of their items, like chairs that are screwed together with hex bolts should be re-tightened as needed.

Most of their (lower priced items) are not super heavy duty, but considering the price, that's hardly a surprise.

As for buying sets of items, you can get a pretty good idea of what's in stock at a certain store by looking up the items on the website first. It's no guarantee, but it helps.


I love Ikea furniture. I have furnished my whole house with their furniture.

The furniture will last if it is put together correctly. I have had mine for years and it still looks great.

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