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I really wanted to send an email direct to the store regarding this matter but there is no facility on the website to do this and I imagine that phoning the store direct would be waste of time as the matter wouldn't be taken any further than the person who answers the phone.Anyway - I felt I needed to vent somehow.

While shopping with my daughter at Ikea Logan yesterday I had one of the worst shopping experiences of my life. In order to avoid the horrendous checkout lines we went through the self service checkouts. After putting my daughter's 14 items through and then my 5 items through and placing them altogether in a trolley a security guard appeared from nowhere and in a very hostile manner demanded to see our docket. We gave the dockets to him and started to explain the there were two dockets for two separate orders and we were told to "be quiet".

He then attempted to count the items (clearly unable to count beyond the number of fingers he has). He then called for a supervisor to come over. He told her that we had "forgotten" to scan several items and that she should take a look. The supervisor then counted the items and checked them against the docket to find that there were no missing items and that everything was in order.

The whole drama took about 5 minutes or so and we were made to feel like criminals by the security guard. I told the supervisor that the security guard was extremely rude to us and we left. After walking about 20 metres I turned around to see the security guard laughing!

I understand that Ikea may want to do random checks but there is definitely a polite way to do it without making the customer feel like a criminal.Great customer service guys - I doubt I'll be back!

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IKEA is awesome dont discriminate a company because of rude co-workers just go in and ask to talk to the store manager and file a complaint he will follow it up


We had something similar at ikea Logan.Apparently we had stolen something but we had gone through the cashier register and something with dockets didn't add up.

We stood there for 10 minutes. Was ridiculous. I kept saying we didn't steal anything. Eventually they let us go but whatever happened was their stuff up was so pissed off.

All because we had gone to get food after our shop and they make u go thru whole store again.Had my kids with me too wonder if they ate discriminating people with kids?


You should have asked for the store manager.It is not to late to go back and ask to speak with them.

You will likely get an apology and a gift certificate.Idiots like that need to be suspended or fired.

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