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I purchased an IKEA Kullen Wardrobe a few weeks ago and I am still having problems. I wanted to give a disclosure for anyone who is thinking about purchasing the wardrobe. My goal is to dissuade you, and if I am not convincing, then to give you enough information so that you know what you are getting into. Here's a list of things IKEA *does not* tell you before you buy that may change your mind about your purchase:

1. You need a drill to put this together (the instructions say a screw driver is OK, but you have to place 10+ screws into thick composite wood, I broke down and bought a drill).

2. You need to buy wall mounting screws

3. There is no warranty on this product

4. The doors may or may not be level or flush when you are finished

5. Once its assembled you can't return it

6. If want to make any sort of claim you have to take the 228 lb assembled wardrobe back to the store.

The assembly of this wardrobe takes an entire day plus. I spent about 6 hours in one night and I didn't even finish. My other peeve is that it has a cardboard like back to it that you have to nail to the wardrobe. If you don't put it exactly and I mean exactly right you end up with nails sticking out into the main compartment of the wardrobe and pieces of the inside having flaked off. The reason I am really writing this review is the doors, once I installed them on the wardrobe, they were crooked and the two main doors have a huge gap in between. Apparently, it's a known problem and IKEA just tells you to adjust the hinges until its straight, well I tried that for hours and it didn't work. Other than that they just tell you to see a store manager, which I will do, but we'll see how that goes.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Bought one of these a few years ago. Only issue was moving it when we moved.

Assembly took my wife and I an evening (we are experienced at assembly in general and have bought plenty from IKEA.

Had no problems with the screws, although I already owned drills, etc.

The doors have standard hinges and are adjustable to make your doors line up. Care in assembly, especially nailing on the back to make sure it's as square as possible, will make alignment easier.


A drill isn't necessarily required, but it does make life easier. I'm a girl that built this by myself in 2.5 hours, only needed another person to lift into standing position.

The doors would adjust, it just takes patience. And finally, for $150, it's really functional and decent, no where can I find another waredrobe that affordable.


I've owned two Kullen wardrobes and I've assembled and reassembled them after moving a few times. It's one of the best IKEA products I've ever owned.

It takes me less than an hour to assemble it from scratch and my door angles are very easy to straighten, even on a wonky floor.

Original poster here must have no experience with basic construction and even less common sense.


It took you a whole day to assemble it?!!!! No wonder you can't adjust the doors correctly or hammer in the nails to hold the backing.

IKEA = assembly required. If you aren't a "handy" person then don't buy IKEA.

You are blaming IKEA because you can't figure out how to put it together correctly. Its always someone else's fault right?

The truth is you don't have the minimal skills required to assemble the wardrobe.

Its YOUR fault, not IKEA's. People like you is why we have warnings on cups of coffee.


I have to agree with Richie, the quality of ikea products is 70% dependent on the person installing it. perhaps what ikea forgot to label is " handyman required" Dont blame Ferrari if you do not know how to drive a sports car.


Wait, you buy the cheapest wardrobe Ikea has ever had available and are surprised by poor quality? :upset :grin

That said, the Kullen wardrobe is decent value as it costs next to nothing and is a solid if cheap-looking wardrobe when properly assembled. Putting it together takes some effort but shouldn't take more than two hours if you have ever held a screwdriver before. It is *heavy* though, so if you're planning on moving it, either be prepared to disassemble it or have some lifting cords and strong guys available.

I personally dislike Ikea furniture as assembling them is frustrating and time consuming, and apart from some exceptions (e.g. the Hemnes series) they look and feel cheap, but still, the Kullen wardrobe is good for its price. You get more than you pay for.


I have been purchasing and assembling Ikea products since the Stoughton store opened and have not had any trouble with them. My wife is from Europe and Ikea products are in use by so many people is it almost a national standard.

Missing parts like drawers can sometimes be found in the AS-IS section at each store. Pretty much anyone with a slight touch of mechanical aptitude and common sense can put together Ikea furniture. All to often people try to do something, ie. assembled furniture when the have no patience, understanding or even the ability to bake a cake by themselves.

Some people should stop whining and pay for pre-assembled furniture. Plain and simple.


I just got this wardrobe off Craigslist, and we are still putting it together. Unfortunately, the dummie that sold it to us forgot to give us the drawers and now he doesn't know where they are.

Thank God he gave me my money back but told me to just keep the wardrobe. Which is Awesome! BUT. I now need the drawers!

Or replacement number to order the parts? Anyone wanna sell me their drawers?

:) Thanks! lol Chantibabi@gmail.com


I have the same wardrobe and the tall boy to match, and i found it to be great, going on 2,5 years now, and still looks like just came out the box, i was a bit upset though as i went to go buy another and they now no longer stock it,



I have 2 of the Ikea Kullen Wardrobes and they Are totally worth the price.

I moved 3 times since I bought them (hence they have gone through 3 dis-assemblies and 3 re-assemblies) and they are still perfect.. I guess it comes down to the care you put into it.


I see IKEA have withdrawn this product.

I'm a Landlord and was looking for the cost of the replacement for this wardrobe as an existing one has fallen apart after 2 years.

I have decided after reading this I'm just going to buy a new one and not charge the tenants anyting as it was obviously a flawed design in the first place.


Note the programed responces to my emailThe same responces to the Kullen waldrobe (products with two different door mechanisms).Expected though, replies and times bear no relation to my issue (programmed, much like the rep they sent out).


I bought a waldrobe from ikea assenbled it as instructed. Yet after a year the sliding door keeps falling of the rail.

Made ikea aware of this. They sent out an Technician (severeverly abused reference)who looked at but did not touch the waldrobe or inspect tthe door rollers and concluded that the screws were over tightened (clarevoyant it seems).

When challenged he offered the analogy of the the mercedes benz versus a ford.

Which i can only assume is a reference to the difference in quality between the two products. The ford being a direct comparison to the ikea waldrobe (cheap so will not work as well).

the main problems for me are as follows:

1. The waldrobe body and frame work seems too flexible when assembled to handle the weight of the glass and aluminum doors.

(i hvae two other ikea waldrobes with normal doors that do cause problems).

2. The lip of the top runner that retains the door running wheel seems too shallow.

3. The ikea rep (technician is too complimentary a discription)arrived at my house without the instructions for fitting the waldrobe, offered no advice on how to overcome the problem although he had confirmed that the waldrobe had been assembled and installed as instructed.

4. All be warned when ikea say they will send out a a technician, ask to see his qualifications. That is if the educational system in the UK has a qulification for flat pack systems assembly.

5. Ikea claim that the Rep they send out is independent. There to provide an unbiased report the facts. Don't know who pays for the reps visit, but my opinion is that there would be a conflict of interest if it was ikea that paid his bill.


I would agree that it is a bit cheaply made (not to mention discontinued now) and is a bit tricky to get together, but worth what you are paying.

I got it in as-is for $99, but would have paid double (the regular price in Canada)

The back panel is no different from any wardrobe in this price range, pressed fiber board. Nailing it in isn't rocket surgery, just use a ruler and pencil to mark a line along the fixed shelves before you start nailing.

I put mine together with a screwdriver, a little toy hammer and a 7 year old helper to hold the panels at the beginning, and his 58 year old grandmother to help lift it upright before I put the doors on.

The doors adjust like most other cupboard or cabinet door hinges. Look it up on the internet, there are videos to teach you how.

I have left the drawer handles off until I buy "real" ones. It's the only complaint I have, but for the money it's a non-issue.


If you can't screw in 10 plus nails, I don't know what to tell you. It sounds like you've never used a screwdriver in your life.

Don't blame Ikea for your poor assembly skills and more importantly, know what you went to Ikea for in the first place. Cheap furniture.

That's what they're known for, not the Scandinavian design.

Now compare that same wardrobe to a finer solid wood piece with movers and someone to assemble it for you? You got what you paid for.


As an IKEA customer many times over, I am very pleased with both their product design and the assembly process. Although the directions are wordless (like the Danish Legos), they are very clear and precise.

The sales person should have told you about the "extras" you needed. A drill, wall mounting screws, etc, should all be explained in the manual. Admittedly, I had to go back to a store a few times for various missing items, but it pays to do CAREFUL shopping online and at the store by asking LOTS of informed questions. It is the buyer's responsibility to assemble and install the item(s) once purchased.

Perhaps this buyer should have paid a professional (or expert amateur) to assemble and install the item.

I highly approve of the material and assembly of IKEA's products. John :)


I actually bought that same wardrobe. It is flimsy until you nail on the back panel, which is what squares up the frame so your doors line up.

But all in all, for the price it's perfectly okay. Came together in about 2 hours, tops


I appreciate your putting this post up, I do know anything that is put together is going to always take 4 times longer and usually is not be the quality thats advertised. I won't be buying this now for the two facts you brought up, the cardboard backing, and that its not returnable even if its a poor product.

That gives me a little insight on Ikea as well.

I think when I buy a product, if it doesn't live up to reasonable expectations then I have every right to bring it back, (although what a pain that would be in this case) You got some sound advice as far as having to have lots of patience and knowing what your getting into, but you took the time to let others know what frustration they could feel and it sounded to me like you know what you were doing, so thanks for sharing! Hope you got your money back.


Thanks "hope this helps" it's nice to see someone trying to assist rather than condemn a person for trying to warn others or perhaps get help in the first place.

"Your opinion only matters when it helps in positive ways"


I purchased the same wardrobe and absolutely love it! Yes, I needed a LOT of patience putting it together because it did take awhile.

But if you FOLLOW the directions, it isn't THAT difficult. Sounds like you aren't very inclined to follow directions and have little patience. A drill isn't required, but considering how many screws there are, it does make it quicker. The nails on the back are easy too if you just take the time and be careful.

I had to take some extra time and adjust the doors, but mine are perfect now! Patience is huge when putting together furniture. If you don't have it, then don't buy things you have to put together.

I use mine for scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies in my craft room. BEST PURCHASE I EVER MADE from IKEA.