Santa Cruz, California

We bought an IKEA Akurum STAT Kitchen 6 years ago. After about 2 years the doors started developing hairline cracks.

And of course we have to clean the doors, wipe them down, etc., so the water got into the cracks and was absorbed by the *** press board which expanded and the doors look like total *** now. Now they are telling me the doors have been abused and they have never had a complaint about this kitchen before. Do you believe that? NEVER had a complaint before?


I'm not yet, I want my warranty honoured. Wish me luck.

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Did they honor? Same thing is happening to me.


had the same thing happen to me what store did you buy yours from because they said the same thing to me, not having heard of this happening before...


Well, yeah, anything made of pressboard/particleboard/chipboard is like that. That's why it costs less than real wood.

I use IKEA open shelves for storage, 'IVAR' I think is the name, it's real wood, supported by a few screws and a metal cross-brace. The shelves are held in place on metal pegs, by gravity. It's simple, solid and useful.

I wouldn't put that faith in some coated particleboard. It's a cheap, lightweight substitute for good quality material.


You might have installed the doors wrong. This usually only happens due to shear, which could not occur unless they are not properly installed.

Either that, or you live in a VERY humid environment.

Also, don't use WET towels with soap to clean cabinets, just slightly damp ones with a "wood cleaner". It will make your cabinets last substantially longer.


Stop being so cheap! Just go buy yourself some new doors!