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I purchased an entire Akurum kitchen from Ikea in May 2010.

The Pros: the drawers/doors/finish are beautiful; the delivery was cheap; lots of choices; the free Ikea software was very useful in designing.

The Cons:

1. The Ikea software is missing essential products. E.g. the 24" deep top cabinets (usually used above fridges), and many more. Prices were wrong.

2. The person that was assisting us with the layout in-store, while very friendly, screwed up and gave us 1 wrong cabinet and several panels that were too short.

3. Half of our frames/hardware wasn't in the store, so we had to go back again to order the other parts. We ordered them on "back order". Someone was supposed to be checking in when they become available and call us back - never happened. No one could help me over the phone for anything!

4. Our first delivery was delayed. Our second delivery was lost. Took 5 calls until we found out when our products will arrive.

5. The cabinet frames are of poor quality, and won't last long. They don't even include the plastic right triangles to make sure your cabinets are "square". The cabinet backing is flimsy, thin, and when you are nailing it - you can easily damage the (load-bearing) sides.

Don't bother ordering any tall panels from here. Very thin and no supporting frame comes with them. Completely useless.

6. Ordering the counter is very complicated and you are charged MORE money upfront than what your counter costs and then we had to GO BACK TO THE IKEA STORE to get our money back. The counter, by the way, comes from a small company not Ikea. (If Ikea was owed money, I guarantee you we wouldn't have had to physically get there to pay THEM.)

In the end, I'm pretty sorry that I didn't go with a Home Depot kitchen. I would have been willing to sacrifice a little more money and choices for a lot less hassles.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Cabinet.

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i purchased a entire kitchen from Ikea i have to say the cabinets are not the best but they are not the worst either. i have 17 cabinet and they were pretty easy to put together.

but i must agree the counter top are the worst. what i didnt like was there was only one company that made our counter top so i really was at there mercy. And the company stinks.

Does not know how to resolved any problems. If i would have know i wouldnt of used them


Thanks for posting this info. I have heard MANY complaints or nightmares reqarding the ENTIRE kitchen buying, delivery, installing and poor quality issues so you are definitely not alone.

I swear the kitchens in the showrooms are different with significantly better quality and built then the actual kitchens you buy. I definitely will avoid any kitchens from IKEA - thanks again for the post.

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