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Our dental office purchased more than 14 thousand in furniture and cabinets and we could not be more upset. The employees were unknowledgable about the products and seemed to be overwhelmed when asked to help.

Upon delivery of our order we discovered items duplicated, items that were ordered missing and most of all items we thought to be ordered not even on the order. All in all this purchase has proved to be time consuming, frustrating and my belief not worth the savings!

My recommedation would be to purchase from Ikea only items associated for children, and leave the other items to stores more capable of meeting your needs.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Culpeper, Virginia, United States #563024

Before you purchase anything you look over your order. It's possible the employee messes up, you messed up not checking it, and well, if the order came in wrong, the first employee you spoke with did not get the cabinets out of the warehouse or delivered it.

You probably get mad at the waiter for you terrible food too, huh?

to Read? #566327

Read? is obviously a paid response.

Well Ikea, paying people to oppose genuine buyers is a BANKRUPT strategy.

Instead of paying people to talk-up Ikea, why doesn't Ikea invest in competent staff - people who don't echo what is obviously Ikea management's total disregard for paying customers ?

Ikea, you think you're too big to fail ? Good. I hope you are that ***. It will make your collapse all the more enjoyable to your EX customers.

Now, instead of paying people to trawl the Net trying to silence those customers you've lost, why instead don't you try to lift your game while you're still IN the game?

Do you really think you can survive when so many genuine complaints are levied against you ?

Think about it Ikea. What goes up usually comes down. And the Ikea bubble is deflating more by the second


I too discovered yesterday that IKEA was a "gun free zone". I will let them know what I think about that.

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