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IKEA are still a complete shambles in the UK. I ordered two bed bases and matresses. On the given delivery date, one bed base was missing having not been loaded on the delivery van. IKEA gave a new delivery date, which, incidentally was one day outside the required fulfilment time given in the Distance Selling Regulations - so they already were apparently acting illegally. Requesting an earlier delivery they simply stated it couldn't be done and also refused to provide any compensation.

The rearranged date is two days from now so would have been 27/08/2011. This morning I had a text saying it will be delivered on 27/08, followed 3 hours later by a phione call saying the item is not in stock and an email saying delivery will be 12th November. Five minutes after that email another one arrived saying delivery will be 16th November. Clearly IKEA don't have a clue what they are doing and are obviously incapable of managing or running warehouse systems.

I then attempted to call their Customer Services. On ringing the the number you then have the standard "dial 1 for x, 2 for y "etc. So, 5 for Customer Services which then takes you to another similar menu where you again dial 5 for Customer Services. So, having dialled the customer services number you then have too select Customer Services twice. They clearly don't want you to call. This all too obviously the case when after a few "we're busy, please hold" responses you get a "call centre is now closed" message. This however is yet another IKEA lie designed to stop you calling - ignore that message and you are placed in a ***.

So I finally got through to a Customer Services call centre person. Their computer system isnt capable of telling them what has and hasnt been delivered - as far she was concerned the entire order was outstanding. So I told Customer Services what they had already delivered since they didn't themselves know. I think I've now arranged to cancel the undelivered item. I await repayment from IKEA.

My advice: wherever you are, stay away from IKEA. They don't fulfil, they don't know their stock, they don't have sufficient internal systems. They are a total shambles to be avoided.

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