The IKEA in Minnesota is doing a massive remodel, although when I had done my pre-shopping, as you do for an IKEA shopping expedition, there was no mention of an upcoming remodel. Same thing when I walked in the store - it was not until you were in the throes of the madness that is IKEA that you saw the mess.

Most of the items I had preselected a few weeks earlier were not available anymore....the few employees that you can usually chase down were now a part of the remodel and truly it was customer helping customer. In my 55 years of shopping, it is the most poorly operated remodel of a store trying to remain open I have ever seen.

I am stunned to see a large company like IKEA does not have a better model for how to do a remodel and stay open. ( Target has it down to a science.) Not worth going to until it is done.

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still the same *** procedure.... i worked at IKEA in 2004 to 2005 in Bloomington, after moving hundreds of items in the self - serve area, i came into work and was left ALONE in the department...

i couldn't leave the desk to look for items that customers couldn't find... (they had moved items/not entered new location in computer/entered wrong locations/not moved things that should have been moved,etc.) i, at one time had over 30 people at the desk all yelling at me, at the same time.... the lights were off... i cut myself...

the manger (MAX HEDBERG) said he would help me if i called him on the radio or phone ( never answered)... the manager (MIRANDA HEMMINGS) in the self serve dept, told me after another employee (DEREK) ( nice stand up kid )told her that i had stopped him from waving his utility knife around, said " i don't care, you are both getting the write ups" (it was erroneously reported that we had a knife fight) this is the same manager who somehow made it possible for her and her asst manager to take the same time for vacation (which wasn't supposed to happen due to policy) and left the rest of us to survive a huge sale....

what's sad is she is now the HR head at whole foods..... :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh



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