IKEA has the worst customer service I have ever experinced. I had a problem with one of my dresser parts and wanted a replacement.

I waited a week for it to arrive, DAMAGED. I called again and to have another part shipped. I called a couple times to check on the status and was told multiple times that the part shipped only to find out later that it didn't. I have had parts of a dresser laying around my house for 2 weeks and stil do not have what I need to assemble it.

When I called for the 4th time, the only response I recieved was that I'm sorry someone gave you incorrect information.

No effort to actually solve my problem. The phone number also routes you to a call center and you can't speak to anyone at the actual store.

Monetary Loss: $279.

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Yes, agree... worst custmer service in the world!

I put together a small computer stand and followed the instructions exactly. I ended up with a piece of unfinished wood facing out because they had the color wrong in the manuel. In order to return it, I would have to take it apart (took me 2 hours to assemble!). pieces don't even come apart.

THEN, I had already ordered a desk that they charged me 50 bucks to ship. the table top is dented everywhere. they won't refund the delivery fee (hello, i'm paying 50 bucks to have this *** delivered to me to take it apart and return it?!). and THEN I found out they want me to pay MORE to return it!

They are criminal.. an absolute joke.


I agree with you it is the worst customer service, but you also have Donata @ the Etobicoke store raving about her highly trained staff who cannot even get a delivery time correct. I am sure trained dogs can perform better without her at the helm. :(

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