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Update by user Nov 22, 2011

I received a call from a customer service manager at Ikea this morning and she apologized for my trails and tribulations. I really appreciated her professional but kind manner.

She is arranging a replacement of my duvet. Further, she said she felt my case would serve as a good learning opportunity for the customer service staff and that they would be discussing it. She felt the item should have been returned without issue.

I\'m not interested in getting anyone in trouble and, though annoyed and frustrated, I tried to be respectful if unwavering when dealing with all the cs reps. I think it helps everyone involved when we stand up for being treated fairly and respectfully.

Original review posted by user Nov 16, 2011

I bought a duvet cover at Ikea Portland. I realized after a while that the snaps were mis-manufactured.

They just don't snap. It is a bit of a drive to the store so it took me a while to get back and I had no receipt. But since the issue was so small (a plain duvet cover, $50) and since I assumed Ikea would stand behind their product(and having never had any problem exchanging things w/o a receipt before) I wasn't worried about it. They examined the duvet and first told me that they couldn't take it back with a stain.

When I pressed them (what does a stain have to do with the faulty snaps?) they said they don't accept exchanges of linens w/o receipt. Long story short, I ended up speaking with four "managers" and wasting an hour waiting for them to find time to come out and speak with me. I wouldn't back down and accept that the world's biggest furniture store would actually want me to buy a mis-made product. Good customer service and confidence in quality is one of the main reasons I--and most of us--shop at "reputable" retailers like Ikea.

All fou "managers" were all surly, snarky, and curt. I was really surprised. I've had such a different sense of Ikea as a company! Now I have decided to never shop at Ikea again (and I've been a very loyal customer for over 10 years...I buy nearly all my household items there).

I am still pursuing the problem. This morning I got the same weird snarky, no-can-do mean-teenager attitude from the first person I spoke to at phone customer service. I asked to speak to HER manager (I was getting so tired of saying that!) and the guy was the first person who spoke like a professional (not mention an adult). He said he couldn't over-ride the store managers but he could give me corporate CS headquarters and wished me the best.

Now I await a return call from corporate HQ. So silly! I can't believe Ikea tolerates such poor management. Something is really wrong at the Portland store...my sense is that they have a store permeated by weak customer service culture.

But in the end I feel this is all for the best. Now I am more resolved to buy what I can from smaller, local stores.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Same thing happened to me with my return. Except I had recept but didn't have right credit card and for purchase less than $15 they would not help me.

I waited 1 hour in line and 40min with manager and no apology. Everything is my problem.

Bad, BAD CUSTOMER service. One of the worst stores.


If you were a loyal customer for 10 years why would you try to return something without a receipt. You should know the policy? It would not have been a problem if you had the receipt