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Purchased a vanity and sink. Assembled the vanity.

It could not be centered under the mirror and light because the shelves to the left made it line up uncentered due to necessary the placement of the plumbing. I took the assembled piece along with the metal leg which had fallen off because my plumber said it was glued, and returned it assembled to IKEA Frisco, Texas. The clerk said he could not accept it because it was "used." He read the policy on my sale slip which is the same policy as on the web and on the wall by the return station. I stated that "assembled" wasn't "used, but he pointed out that the hinges had been screwed into place and now that hole would never be the same - thus "used." I left the piece of pressed board and paper finish vanity bottom at the store.

I sent a complaint to IKEA. IKEA responded that it was at the discretion of the store to take back an assembled item.

My friend said they NEVER take back assembled furniture. From the standpoint of quality (glued legs to hold up a vanity and sink) to their fradulent return policy I would not recommend that anyone purchase IKEA to-be-assembled furniture.

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I'm in a similar situation right now. I assembled an IKEA vanity but my plumber says it's a HUGE pain to install and IKEA should not sell vanities like this unless it's for new construction home.

Will take him a few hours to install @ $108 an hour. I am trying to figure out if I can disassemble it carefully and return it, or if I'm better off leaving it assembled and sell it on Craigslist.

I have not yet installed the tracks for the drawers or put any glue on it, so perhaps it isn't USED yet? Sigh.

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