My daughter bought and stored a Kongsvik double bed at my house and moved to Calif, suggesting we now use the bed. Except all the instructions and parts were missing.

Ikea offers no way to identify or track parts online, even though each item's list is obviously digitized and on file somewhere. You may only go to a store and you have no way of knowing whether that store has what you need.

Our email got a "Good luck and drop dead" reply. Since the only alternative would be to throw out a brand new Ikea bed, we did drive an hour to Ikea and wait in line for help. The staff, fortunately, were sincerely working to help us.

First problem - the bed, as named, is not being sold any more so the rep could not locate a parts list. You may think you can figure out the parts by looking at the holes - forget it. No hardware store in the universe carries what you need, just Ikea.

That would have sunk us except that another rep with all of 3 years on the job recalled that the identical bed in a different color and with a different name is still being sold. Without his institutional knowledge we would have been extremely unhappy customers. With that name, a parts list was located and a new bag of stuff assembled and provided at no cost. The bed is up!

So - on the plus side:

- Caring instore staff who pay attention, use ingenuity and support each other to help a customer.

- Complete and no-cost solution to a problem I admittedly caused myself.

On the negative side:

- Needlessly confusing naming and renaming of identical products erasing built in institutional knowledge.

- Lack of online resources, when clearly your inventory and catalog must be fully digitized and should be made available to your customers.

- Willingness to let a customer suffer several hundred dollars of loss for lack of a few dollars worth of hardware.

- Lack of internet or phone connection to the source of solutions at the store - the only way to speak to them was to drive to them.

- Your completely unhelpful and uncaring email.

My bottom-line impression - thank goodness the store staff care about people and will go the extra mile, because Ikea corporate really sees us as *** and disposable sheep and wouldn't lift a finger to help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

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