Several couple of months ago, we purchased $5,000+ in IKEA Furniture for a new business. We generally like the quality and finish of the furniture. They did a great job of picking the items and delivering them to our business location. A hand-full of pieces we purchased used a 3 number combination lock which we bought purposely to provide modest protection of some documentation. That said, we were never able to get the locks to work and in fact, locked ourselves out of two filing drawers and one large credenza with sliding doors. We had to take the furniture back to have it opened. We attempted to do this on the phone with the local store but they were no help. We attempted through email to corporate customer service and they were no help.

Bottom line is we loaded the furniture up, drove it back to the store and they fortunately had one guy there who was well versed in opening the locks. Said he deals with it on a daily basis. He said the locks are faulty and should be removed from the market until they can find a suitable solution. He was not a fan.

He unlocked the pieces of furniture, apologized for our inconvenience and sent us on our way. Yes, we still have nice furniture, but it doesn't support the primary function we purchased it for...the ability to lock it. IKEA needs to address this moving forward but also take care of and replace all those who purchased it along the way. Disappointing nothing has been done!

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see this video https://youtu.be/MifKGcVFB6A it helped me


i have the same issue so frustrating

Lafayette, California, United States #1332218

I'm having the same problem with mine. How did you disassemble the lock mechanism so that it doesn't lock you out every time you close the drawers?


I'm having a problem with one that I have full of stuff and it is probably the biggest cabinet they make. Can't get it open


I am having the same problems! And of course the one that won't open the cabinet with all of my contact files & keys to the lock box.

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