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I made an in-store purchase and paid for collection, delivery and assembly of two wardrobes. The order was suppose to be delivered last week. The order was delivered incomplete and hence the wardrobe was not assembled. The driver had no explanation so I called ikea which had NOT forewarned me about the incomplete delivery. The representative i spoke that had no knowledge of why the order was delivered incomplete and how the situation could be rectified. He said he would call back. Its been several days and no one has called me back

I have tried to call the customer service for the store several times and the representatives put me on endless holds (~20 minutes..i have to watch my cell phone minutes!) or they put me on hold and after a few minutes my call goes to an answering machine.

I am now doubly furious at how Ikea treats its customers and feel like this is a case of Fraud where I have outstanding goods and services that were suppose to be delivered and IKEA is not acknowledging these missing services and there is apology for the inconvenience caused. I have stuff that I emptied from my last wardrobe that I was replacing lying all over my room. I have pieces of the other wardrobe all over my living room which have not been assembled as the frame for that wardrobe have not been delivered. The reason why I paid extra to get the wardrobe assembled is because it was crucial that I get it done by a certain time and It has NOT been done.

I have unassembled stuff all over my living room. My bedroom has my stuff from my old wardrobe all over.. My house is a mess and Ikea refuses to give me an explanation as to when I can get my stuff that I have paid for ... I want my rightfully paid goods and servies from IKEA and a compensation for the inconvenience and the RUDE customer service. Such a waste of my time and sanity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I paid an icredible £35 for delivery of three table tops. I took weeks to arrive and not on the day they said it would be delivered.

I got a phone call from the delivery driver to say they could not get under a bridge thatis half a mile away from us so could I bring my truck out to take the table tops from them and complete the delivery myself. I send IKEA a bill for my call out and reclaim of their charge.

They refused to pay back saying it was my fault that there was a low bridge enroute!! I am taking them to court.

I will never shop there again.