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Hi, We have bought several furniture for home from IKEA recently. We have signed an agreement to deliver them to home and assembling. The montage team completed the montage of a modular wardrobe and a library case, bu they said that they can not install the shelf, as because they do not have the screws needed to install it to wall. I was not ready for this, because I had very limited time for the installation. They asked me to purchase those from a store, but there was no such store selling screws close to my home. They also added that they do not normally install such wall or ceiling bound stuff, this is not included in their services. Anyway, I called the IKEA transfer and montage desk, they said they do no add the wall screws to the package. I did not get it well 'cos as far as I knew all screws are supposed to be added the package, so we could also assemble it ourselves.

Finally, after one hour of conversation they agreed to send another team to install it. One week later my shelf was installed while I was not home (my wife assisted), but I found it installed upside down. Then I saw that there are several mistakes (bubbles) on the coverage of the library case. I took it to another IKEA store, spent another hour, and we could find parts with no fault in the third new package of the same product.

This is my story with IKEA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Installation.

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