Never order custom worktops from IKEA Bristol and expect them to actual be delivered or even produced ... I have had appallingly bad service from them in every possible way and on every possible occassion ... here's the saga:

10 July trip to IKEA Bristol to order kitchen & worktops ... worktops are outsourced - estimated contact date to arrange delivery - 10 August

13 August - still haven't heard about worktops (although rest of kitchen delivery already arranged for 19 Aug) so I call IKEA Bristol ... "Oh, they are in the shop waiting for delivery" I am told but the first possible date is 31 August (there was no response to my question of why they hadn't contacted me if the worktops were ready - I should have been suspicious then)

Kitchen was delivered and again I should have been suspicious because I had had 3 texts from the delivery company about the kitchen delivery (- ho hum it's easy to be wise in hindsight)

Last Friday, 27 August I get a 'courtesy' call from DHL to let me know that there will be no delivery on the 31st (day after bankholiday) as there is nothing to deliver.

I call IKEA who know nothing about this, on no wait, there was a note entered earlier today (still the 27th Aug) that the order had not arrived at the shop. But surely, i say, it must have, otherwise why had a delivery been arranged? We will have to look into it - but its a bank holiday weekend - oh thats OK we still work (?) as normal; you will be called back within 12 hours

28th August - no call (who'd have guessed) so I called IKEA Bristol again. Oh there's no record of your call. Pardon? And the delivery?

Actually, according to this person there's no record of anything except the original order - oh well maybe a delivery had been arranged but ...

I insist on speaking to someone a bit higher up the food chain but this is impossible - a manager/supervisor will call you back within 12 (working?) hours and here's a reference number (gee thanks)

29th August - no call back so I call again - its been referred to another department and they will call (well, at least there's a record of something)

30 August - they didn't call- perhaps they don't work as normal on Bank Holidays. Tomorrow is another day and I will update this post then ...

Monetary Loss: $600.

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