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To Whom it may concern at IKEA customer service:

I have had the worst experience trying to buy this laptop table. Not only have I been misled to customer service representatives, been told I couldn't order a certain item due to my location and I continue to be unable to contact anyone in your organization who can give me a straight answer.

I have been extremely wary of purchasing anything from IKEA in the past- I should have trusted my instincts. I find it unacceptable for an "international" company with locations all over the United States and the world to not have a 24 hour customer service line. Additionally, the limited "customer service" your company does offer is utterly pathetic. The representatives not only seem uninterested in customers questions, they demean customers with their responses.

Furthermore, your company policies are completely illogical. IKEA sends out catalogs advertising merchandise that isn't available for months. After the merchandise is available, your website doesn't allow customers to order these items. Your stores insist on customers to go to the store location and order the same desk, using the same process as one would over the phone for merchandise delivery.

This company policy only aims to make customers purchase more merchandise while in the store. Your company should not have to use such conniving tactics to make a profit- your company already over charges its customers the world over for average quality products-products that your customers must assemble themselves, unless of course, they pay your company an ADDITIONAL fee.

After all the above mentioned negative qualities I associated with your company, I foolishly allowed your company's naive customers to convince me that I was wrong about IKEA. Accordingly, I made an online purchase with your company (because after two months of attempting to find a way to order your product, it was finally available online). Not only did your company charge an almost $30 delivery fee, which of course your money hungry institution implemented before taxes, the product took over two weeks to be delivered- for a location less than an hour away from the destination.

Even at this point, I irrationally believed your product would be worth the wait and the price. Much to my dismay, your product came missing the hardware which ironically is integral for the "self-assembly".

Your company should be ashamed not only of the negligence shown to customer satisfaction by delivering incomplete orders, but more importantly that IKEA resorts to inane ploys to milk your unsuspecting customers as much as possible. However, the most abhorrent quality your company should be humiliated of, is that it lacks the gall to accept criticism and customer complaints over the phone, and spinelessly only offers a "contact form" as an expressive channel for the customers who fall victims to your company's unethical tactics.

Needless to say, I will never purchase anything from this sham of a respectable company ever again and will encourage friends and family to abstain from purchasing your merchandise in the future.

Hopefully this complaint will be heard and there will be a quick recourse of action. I expect the missing hardware to be sent express mail, free of charge-and anything else Mikael Ohlsson, your CEO would expect if he was subjected to such poor business practices.



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I have felt your pain; took me a while to learn how they work, because they don't really TELL you. It makes sense if you remember everything is first come, first served.

So you CAN'T order ahead, or schedule delivery in advance, or figure out delivery schedule, or do much of anything w/o going to the store.

You also can't call the store, except Baltimore where all calls end up. So if you accept that it's not LL Bean or MacMall but has a whole different system, the pain can be manageable, IMHO.


Get your geography straight.


I somehow agree with you, but I do not thing you should offend the customer when you tell him he's a complainer. He paid for a service he did not get.

Point. The customer service people is there to find solutions, and certainly, to excuse the company if a mistake like this one is made. If the customer service agent cannot do that, then he is not in the right place. No matter of the situation, he paid for something and it is his right to get it.

I don't understand why you offend him. It is HIS right to decide how he wants his goods to be delivered. Why Ikea does offer the service if it is not possible to deliver?

And second, it is IKEA duty to understand the country culture you are selling at. If not, please stay at Sweden and sell everything there.


As a former employee of IKEA, I was able to see both sides of this issue. Amazingly, the IKEA staff is often aasked to rectify issues created by the customers themselves (after being directed in-person, by signage and printed on your receipt, no less) in the correct procedures set forth by IKEA FOR FREE....

On to your post.

I could argue the green policy of printing a single catalog versus periodic ones being the reason you can see products that aren't avaiiable yet. I won't. I will point out that IKEA isn't the only store to feature clothing, furnishings or other products in ads (which a catalog really is) before and AFTER they are available.

It sucks, but they simply put themselves out there all at once. Two, IKEA stores do not create a market blanketing America. There are cities with multiple stores and entire swaths of the country without any. A store determines where its delivery zone is by how far away the majority of customers shop from.

If you have to drive 4 hours to get to your closest store, don't complain about not being able to get something delivered. Honestly, what store would? And if any store did deliver that far away, would you be willing to pay what it would cost to get it to you? Bear in mind, I have seen and heard the rude customer service people.

I have listened to what they had to say AFTER they hung up the phone. IKEA does have a huge issue to deal with in the customer service area. But here's the point: IKEA is a company based in a foreign country, with a different culture. They are proud of that culture and bring it with them when they enter a new market.

They are (listen closely) NOT going to adapt to the American practice of bending over backwards to satisfy you. They provide a unique experience in purchasing their products. They, for the most part, explain how to go-with-their-flow. As a consumer, if you choose to buy from them, you are agreeing to do it their way.

I notice your product was delivered less than an hour from the store/warehouse. Why not just go get it? Then you can take adavntage of the $1 hotdogs while you stand around waiting for someone to load your cart for you because that is how you think it should work. The missing hardware is inexcusable.

I agree. The quallity standards imposed at the manufacturing facilities all over the world vary from region to region and even by product line. You should have had the hardware sent to you-end of story. The customer service person was probably a complainer like yourself, though, and had no intentions of apologizing for the mistake made by someone else.

And it would probably be a good idea if you never left your home, turned on the TV or ate any food again.

All of those brands may "[resort] to inane ploys to milk" you. Because, you know, IKEA is the only one doing it.

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