I purchased a basic desk chair for my son, after assembly, I found the chair is unsafe because my son fall down easily from the chain, so I bring the chair to Ikea Palo Alto for return, but to my surprise the CSR simply said no return because the chair has been assembled (that's a joke, how do I know the chair is defective if I don't assembly and try on), I asked to said to the manager, a women with uniform and name tag said Kristen claim she is the manager of that building, but she give that kind of altitute of "don't care", so she just simply repeat the CSR said "no return" even I try to explain to her that the chair is either defective or unsafe, no use, I told her that she has now lost one customer, I sware not to purchase anything from any Ikea store. As matter of fact, their product is cheap and low quality, and with such customer service, I forseen their sale will slip and stores closing.... good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Customer Care.

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