Helsinki, Southern Finland
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Shocked to find my local IKEA no longer refunds your money on returns but forces you to take a gift card - even on completely new, still-in-the-box merchandise that you bought the day before and for which you have a receipt. Worse, when I questioned this policy I was patronizingly told, "The law doesn't require companies to take anything back, so really by offering a gift card we are *adding value*" Gag!!

I'm in Finland, where service sucks as a rule so I avoid shopping as much as possible. I used to think Ikea was a little better and had decent customer service because it was following an international model. But no, at a store where defective merchandise is the rule rather than exception, I am expected to bare all the risk of shopping there and can expect to be out of luck if something goes wrong. Good thing my spending money there is optional "added value" that I guess they don't need!

Sorry, a store credit is not the same as cash back. I might come back if you give me back my cash, and then again after that amount is spent, but the store credit will be used or gifted once, and never again will I come back!

Monetary Loss: $49.

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