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Nowhere on the online purchase page does it say that when you order online for some inexplicable reason we will ship the items NOT FROM your nearest IKEA Store but from an ONLINE DISTRIBUTION CENTRE. My receipt CLEARLY STATED DELIVERY ESTIMATE DATE FEB 15 - when I called to confirm I was told that that date is when someone will call to SCHEDULE a delivery/ The person on the phone could not understand the confusion obviously IKEA is Swedish for no syntax or semantics.

I have loathed IKEA for years and its lack of customer service and this is the LAST time I will enter IKEA including online I was also told that since my order was not cancelled within 48 hours, I have to pay the delivery.

I cancelled my order before it was delivered i.e. nothing was delivered and after 8 days IKEA has still not refunded my credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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When will I learn? NEVER EVER use Ikea's delivery service.

Many years back it took over a month to get the furniture that I ordered. Now, after all of this time they have the audacity to give me a 4 hour time frame and then not show up. It's pathetic! Do yourself a favor and rent a small truck or trailer and pick your items up yourself.

Delivery is just not worth the frustration.

How many people even have a 4 hour time frame within the day when they have nothing to do but wait around for a delivery? Then it doesn't arrive and they expect you to do it again!


No when it says delivery estimate Feb 15 it should be Feb 15 +/- a couple of days. It's not an assumption if it is stated in plain english.


It sad that people assume things instead of calling to ask. Sounds like your fault for not doing more research.

@Anon do not know what you are talking about. Go elsewhere to harass people, or better yet, order some things from IKEA and have them delivered to your home, that'll teach you.