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I live in Shanghai, China. I've ordered more than EUR10K from IKEA in Shanghai in last few months.

On New Year's eve I received a delivery around 10.30pm they were late and it was cold. In China it is customary to remove your shoes to prevent trudging dirt inside your home. I felt sorry for these two guys delivering all this stuff, late at night and on New Year's eve - so I didn't ask them to remove their shoes. When they left I tipped them and said goodnight.

As we have a young child and were tired my wife and I went to bed shortly after midnight. We all woke up late the next morning to discover one of the workmen's footprints in the living room, a room he had no business being in - and where I had left my watch (an item of great sentimental and high monetary value) on a table. One of them had stolen it! I reported the case to the police who came and took pictures of the guy's footprint.

I called IKEA and they asked for the police report and promised to tell me what they would do in 3 days. It's been double that time and despite many calls I am yet to speak to the store manager.

Apparently this is not important enough for him/her to even call me... IKEA is a store that I used to think highly and is now one that disgusts me...well done to IKEA customer service and the lazy Shanghai manager...

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