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I needed extra trim pieces for an IKEA kitchen (Tampa, FL). The color required special order and an $80 delivery fee even though they were just 2 strips of wood.

IKEA sent the wrong color, it was impossible to reach the right person on the 800-number, so I returned the pieces to the store. They apologized and wanted to charge me another $80 to deliver the correct pieces. A Supervisor offered to "split the difference" and only charge me half. He thought it was more than fair since it had been 2-weeks since I received the items, and IKEA's polciy is 72-hour notice of delivery problems (FYI - the contract for carriage is 72-hour notice for damage, which doesn't include wrong parts).

These guys are jerks. Whatever you leave the store with, make sure you love it because they don't want it coming back.

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