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On the 28th of December I went to Ikea to buy a wardrobe for my daughter's bedroom. After a three hour ordeal of waiting at checkouts, then the delivery service *** we were done.

The incredibly slow but friendly guy at the counter assured us it would delivered the next day. I have been waiting for 4 days for my "next day delivery". Neither Ikea or Capital, the delivery company know when the delivery will be made. I have been told 3 times that it would be delivered by 6pm that day.

Meanwhile I am forced to not stray too far from home for fear they will call as soon as I do. I am a hostage!

Job 6033 if someone from Ikea cares to respond! My advice to consumers is think twice before buying stuff from Ikea that needs to be delivered unless you have lots of time and patience to hang around waiting...

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

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OMG-this is similar to us, we bought our son a whole new bedroom(desk, bookcase,bed and wardrobe)on Dec 30th.We have now been waiting 8 wks since our 1st delivery. All our stuff including 2 boxes(of 3) of our Hemnes wardrobe came,and where is the other box?

Who knows-we call them every few days, only to be told they can't help & "after sales service" will call us back.Sometimes they do-mostly they don't and I have to rin again. In 1 month I rang them 10 times. Now, they have told us they won't ring us anymore! Dept Fair Trading are involved now.

It is IKEA Homebush, don't use their home delivery service-they lied to us so many times-we stayed home so often waiting for a box that never came, I even stayed in on Aust Day as they promised it would come then-it didn't. I rang Capital too, NO HELP from them. Such bad service, the line is now discontinued and they won't send us one from VIC or QLD.

We are thinking of sitting in their delivery section with placards! I won't go there again!


We are waiting on our kitchen to be delivered,what is going on????? We bought it on the 30th and was told it would be delivered on the 1/1.

This is from the Homebush store. Why did they except our delivery if they couldn't fufill them request!!!!!!

The ikea have no idea and can't get in contact with them. What is going on????


Same thing happend to us we bought a sofa bed and other items on the 27 dec to be delivered next day, they granted would be delivered by 6 pm but only arrived at 8pm without the sofa bed. After a week and 5 calles to customer service they still don't know where our sofa bed is and when or if it will be delivered to our house.

We have had to be near home in the remote circumstance they would call us telling the delivery was coming, as they asked us to hod 24 hours every time! This is our only holiday of the year!!! in addition I have my mum coming over from Europe, someone will have to sleep on the floor!!!!! Who will repay us of all the stress and frustration been through?

They are totally hopeless and disorganised.... Good luck to Ikea customers!!!!!

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