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I ordered a bed on Feb. 27 online which they said they could not arrange delivery until after March 6. They said they would call on March 6 to arrange a delivery date, which would cost $120.00 in addition to the bed. I placed the order. On March 3, I phoned to cancel the delivery of the bed as I went to the store and purchased one in person.

They refused to refund my money without an "investigation". They subsequently refused to refund the delivery charge, even though nothing had been delivered or even arranged to be delivered. So many people have been ripped off from IKEA's delivery charges and their underhanded business practices. It's time this came to the attention of the Better Business Bureau. They make money on deliveries, even when they don't provide the service. The customer pays the price for them having their (apparently) one and only warehouse at one end of the country. I have made all the calls to IKEA, not once did they call me back to inform me of what was happening. I still have received no refund for the bed or the delivery.

Anyone have any ideas on my next move??

Product or Service Mentioned: Ikea Delivery Service.

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Ikea online shopping is piece of ***. I made a purchase on Jan 17 and was waiting for a callback about the purchase (as it stated) but never received a call.

When I called on Jan 24 they said they cannot find the order and after a few too many minutes on the call they said they had a "system glitch" and I was on the "call list" so they can redo the purchase. After waiting for a while they said they cannot redo my order becasue they cannot find some items and they can only refund me.

I am still waiting for the refund! All I can say is that I wish I listened to all the bad expreiences of other Ikea online shoppers and avoided Ikea!


They said ikea still charged the delivery fee, even though they had the delivery canceled 3 days before it was scheduled to be delivered. No one even called to set up the delivery time yet.

I have had so many problems with my order from Ikea Brooklyn that I can't get resolved and it's almost worthless to try. They didn't deliver all of my items, even though they are right there on the receipt, and I can't get them to either deliver the items or give me a refund. No one calls me back and no one ever seems to care. Since it has happened to me, I have talked to a bunch of others who have had the same problems.

Don't shop at Ikea Brooklyn unless you feel like gambling your money away. If they don't deliver everything you bought (and they probably won't) don't plan on ever getting it.


Why not get a alternative IKEA delivery service instead of using this awful service from IKEA??? When I first got to the store I got my things, waited in line to pay for my purchase and delivery.

Then I waited in even a longer line for the delivery. And guess what... half of my things were broken, the boxes looked like someone used them as sled or something. Footprints all over, edges torn apart...

Then i searched the web and found them >

I've been using them ever since.

Always do the work fine and never ovecharge. They have the most reasonable prices I've seen so far and no amateurs coming to rip off some chash either!


IKea has terrible customer service when it comes to delivery complaints. I paid $118 to have a sofa delivered.

I saw the delivery from my window and the workers dropped the sofa onto the road. When they brought it into the apartment they turned to leave but I told them to wait until I opened the box to check the softa. The wood frame was broken. I called Ikea and wrote a note on the delivery person's receipt.

I told Ikea I would not pay for delivery of damaged sofa. Ikea picked up the sofa and refunded the sofa cost but they continue to demand that I pay the $118 delivery fee. I will not do business with a company that operates in this fashion. I know they use outside delivery services but Ikea should still be held responsible for the services the provide.

I will not pay for damaged deliveries.

This is a scam in my opinion. I live in USA, not far from their Hicksville, NY showroom.


I wish I read this a few days earlier. I also just got scammed from the Hicksville Ikea. :sigh


If the order has already left the warehouse then delivery charges apply... makes sense to me!

If you want to pick it up at the store, then go to the store in the first place. I work in transportation & the further you live from a city center the higher the cost. Some companies will only do 2 man deliveries & they cost more. If a rural road is less accessible then the price also goes up.

Then there is the line-haul cost! The order leaves the warehouse & gets dropped off at at local delivery company, they make the delivery calculating all the little extras & there you go... the price keeps rising. It is what it is.

All those companies who have free shipping just tack on the cost in every item they sell. At least with IKEA you only pay for delivery when you need it!


This is a Ikea worker from the Elizabeth, NJ location, hence her name is Elizabeth.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by this comment


Like everyone here, I was on the point of ordering an office chair (my fat *** broke the previous one!) - the chair I wanted was £156.00 but they wanted £35.00 delivery - and plus vat the price went to £189.00 - there's not even any way of contacting their online shop (the option is there, but after you filled in the form and click 'send' it tells you the page is unavailable - nice) All in all, if you must buy from Ikea, *** the bullet - get off your *** and go to the store, pick it up yourself and save yourself the extra expense. For such a large company not to have it's own delivery trucks is ludicrous.


It's really not productive whining about delivery charges. At the face of it, sure I agree 100%, they seem totally outrageous and a complete rip-off, but think about it-

If it is handled by a 3-party, they need to pay the electric bill of their office, truck insurance, workman's comp insurance, gasoline, truck maintenance, federal taxes, state taxes, employer taxes, FICO, medicaid, and about a zillion other fees and taxes. Then tow humans are needed, do you propose that they exist on "starvation wages?" They have families, rent, etc... They need a reasonable hourly wage, etc. It's not like they just pick up illegal day Mexican day-workers and such. They employ citizens wanting a decent salary. And there are probably 50 other things I forgot to mention, that also drive up delivery costs.

So yes, you see $120 or something for delivery, and you want to puke (me too) at the injuctice of it all, but think about it, buy the time the delivery company pays out all it's ***, and squeezes a bit of profit out of carting around your junk for you, things add up quick. I see the IKEA parking lot by me, filled up with many U-Haul rental trucks. I would presume people rent these to haul it themselves, vs. paying for delivery. Even with truck rental, probably works our cheaper.


Today you may find many alternative IKEA delivery and assembly services. I used New York Cargo Taxi they charge $90 flat rate same day delivery to Manhattan or you can try

good luck,



I received my wall mount oven and I question the Shipping and Handling

charges. The two gentlemen that brought the oven, dropped it off in my

kitchen and said they could not install the oven because I didn't have a

wall outlet for the plug install. To my surprise, the oven didn't have a

plug so an electrician had to connect the oven at my expense.

There is no problem in paying for a delivery fee, since you are about 45

minutes to one hour from my home I estimate that equals to about 55 miles.

At $.50 per mile (from the IRS tax tables) that is equal to $27.50 and since

there were two men, that would equal about $30.00 in labor.

Where does the remaining $81.50 come into play and why do I pay taxes on

Shipping and handling???

Great oven, great price if it weren't for the additional $200.00. Had I

known this was to cover delivery only, I would have driven to your store and

picked it up myself.

You need to advertise that this is strictly a do it your self type



Ikea clearly states that their delivery charge will not be refunded in the event that you change your mind.even if it did not get taken to your residence. simply being that the delivery still took place from the wearhouse. there is the charge.


we had our ikea furniture deliverd and setup by Handy Man and A Van Hire Southampton


Ikea does not make money from delivieries. Ikea does not own any delivery trucks.

Deliveries are made through a 3rd party trucking/delivery company. Ikea has no control over the pricing, the price is @ the mercy of the delivery/trucking company. The price is based on distance, weight, and the price of gas. Ikea sets the delivery up at the store as a courtesy, so you don't have to go digging for delivery company phone numbers.

Contacting the BBB doesn't do anything.

The BBB is a company unto itself that companies pay money to so they display the sticker on the door, and for network services. So go ahead contact BBB, because nothing will happen.


:eek Their delivery charges are so extreme, I changed my mind from ordering online from them! Seriously?

A $75 bookcase would total $233 to be delivered?

I understand the reasoning for delivery charges, but that is ridiculous. They'll be lucky if I even decide to pick it up at a local retailer of theirs...


If you paid by CC, put the item in dispute. That should begin to resolve the fee issue.