IKEA scheduled a delivery but made no call to give me time frame. When I called at 9 a.m., I was told to call at 10.

When I called at 10, I was told to call the delivery company, which said they had no record of the delivery schedule. I called IKEA again, 1 hours on hold while they tracked down my table. Urban Express, the company that delivers for IKEA, is terrible, cost me a day's work (I'm an hourly worker!) and had no interest in helping at all.

Didn't care, didn't try to help. IKEA tried to help but had no power.

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Terrible. Just terrible.


I waited 15 days for my delivery before calling the after sales department. It turns out my item was out of stock when I was told it was in stock...

ASD said they would reset my delivery and I would now have to wait an additional 15 to 16 days.

IKEA has lost this customer!


My building returned a delivery because it was outside of regular hours. When I called to reschedule by paying another $70, I was told that I will need to pay another $50 to have delivery done within the apartment building's delivery hours. I love Ikea merchandise but fear the company will loose loyal customers if it starts to charge them at every given excuse.


same here. promis of 2-10 delivery.

when I called at 12 - I was told in 45 mins. - although she was uanble to talk to the driver.

at 2: didnt someone call you to tell you the ruck broke down? at 4, talking to IKEA _ They were unable to get Urban Expres the Delivery COmpany.

I dont mind the cheap prices, I dont care if th furniture does not last forever (though I have very good track rcord with the products!!!!).


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