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Do not purchase from Ikea unless you have a store in your area. Online and telephone assistance is a waste.

They are quite useless and will simply wear you out with run-around and inability to perform. Very polite and apologetic. The company is simply not interested in retaining customers.

The Nyland shoe cabinets have plastic compartments that are screwed in place behind each drawer/door. The plastic cracks and then you are simply out of luck.

For those fortunate enough to have this problem within 90 days of purchase, good news, there is a 90 day warranty. Of course, you must visit the store to get replacement parts.

What a joke.

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IKEA have recently opened in Dublin Ireland. They (or agents) delivered an IKEA catelogue to our residence in s soaking wet state and in complete disregard to our 2 notices that state: NO UNSOLICITED MATERIAL PLEASE.

Most companys in Dublin that practice a direct marketing strategy comply politely. Not IKEA though, we contacted to complain and the attitude was most disrecpectful and arrogant. Customer service is run by automatons. It seems the IKEA policy is to frustrate and eventually discourage complaints.

I dug in my heels, got tough and adopted a "They wont break me" approach and in fact, I broke them after many phone calls and a persistance that puzzled them. I attacked on a number of fronts and rattled thier cage. Eventually, I got them to reimburse me for my time and expense. I also warned them that I will seek a court injunction preventing them from depositing unsolicted material at our address and this I will do just to put manners on them.

I would never use IKEA for anything. They are putting smaller retailers who offer good service and care about customers in jeopardy.

IKEA are too big and too bad. Screw them!

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