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Last week I purchased a bed frame from IKEA. My husband correctly assembled the bed frame (BRIMMES).

It was the daybed. Three nights later, my son went to bed and turned over on the trundle part of the bed and it broke. 10 screws popped out!. The particle board that they make the frame could not support 105 lb child.

I called IKEA regarding the safty of this item. I am still getting the run around. It takes over 25 minutes for a human to answer the phone and then another half hour to be transferred to the store you purchase it from. I have called 4 times and it the same process every time.

Finally they agreed to pick up the bed and give me another one. I am still waiting for this to happen. They give you a window of time, but they don't come during that time.

I would never purchase a bed frame from them again. At this point I want my money back.

I am very dissatified with how this complaint is being handled. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM IKEA UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO DEAL WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. My husband wanted to do our kitchen from them. I would never allow this to happen.

Could you imagine having to deal with customer service on a major project like a kitchen?

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I can tell you first hand about doing a kitchen from them.Part of the delivery was and is still missing, some are still on back order.While doing inventory on what was delivered, found out they didn't put in the correct order on some of my cabinets and gave me others and forgot to order one of my wall cabinets. and of course some of the order we got was damaged.

Finally got through to a person and got the standard answer, someone will call me within 48 hrs. that was 2 days ago and no answer yet. I'm ready to take it all back and tell them to .....

Will never do business there again! Best or worst advertisement is word of mouth...IKEA will not be thing good out of my mouth

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