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I just had the same bad experience today at IKEA Carson, Los Angeles. I wanted to return a just bought flawed furnature in box for refund, but was blunted refused.

A service person checked the item and insisted it was partially pre-assembled. I told her I found a deep scratch at the front of the item while I was assembling it. If I did not try to assemble it, how could I find it? This lady insisted no refound and was very rude.

I said to her I wanted to talk to the store manager. She claimed she is the manager, but turned out she is not! What a lier!!! The store manager later spoke to me and said I sould have understood the return policy of IKEA and I should know if I return the item, they won't be able to sell it.

So, I asked the manager what is IKEA customer satisfaction policy? She danced around of my question, but never answered! I strongly urge IKEA to put a "NO RETURN or REFUND" sign at the entrance of every store! Customer satisfaction from IKEA?

What a lie!

Monetary Loss: $90.

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