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I would be very interested in hearing from any others who have been on the receiving end of IKEA's extremely unorthodox approach to customer service.

It begins with a shrug of the shoulders, and a sort of vacant look from colleague to colleague, and then goes on to promise further "investigation" which never happens. Then when no suitable replacement is available.....a flat refusal to refund the item ( 5 weks old ). When a customer ( understandably ) gets rather irrate at this degree of "care", and decides to advise other customers of the quality of goods and after sales service.....What can only be described as a "heavy mob" of what in less enlightened times would have been called "bouncers", who physically manhandle the customer off the premises, whilst simultaneously abusing them verbally.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I bought $2000 worth of kitchen cabinets from Ikea in College Park, MD on July 3, 2009. There were more than 80 items when I picked up and the clerk refused to go over the order with me to make sure I got everything I ordered.

I took the cart outside to my truck and checked the receipt as I load them to my truck. I found one item was missing (metal rail) which worth about $3 dollars. I went inside to complain to the clerk about one missing item but she refused to help. I asked for the manager and she was combative an rude.

She said that Ikea is not the home depot as prices are low so don't expect the same services.

I finally got the missing piece but will never shop here again. Customer service here is a total ***.


Sounds like you were getting hostile to warrant that type response

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