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Already spent over 1K and really disappointed that the reps can't guarantee any stock even if we call ahead of time. It's not easy getting around in NYC! They also won't waive the delivery fee. I've been waiting in the store for a sales rep that the store manager sent. Nowhere to be seen. I would say IKEA is the Spirit Airlines of furniture stores. You get sucked in by the prices but completely regret the decision you made because quality is...
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Horrible service!Lines are huge on the weekend but no one cares. The staff works slowly, engage in conversations and simply don't care. During the week there aren't even enough people to serve you. There was no milk to get coffee, the guy who served my food had a long beard that was uncovered, and when I asked to speak to a manager the cashier smirked at me. Worst service ever!!!!You have to be extremely patient and have plenty of time in your...
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Anonymous Please email IKEA Corporate directly to further discuss:

I recently submitted a complaint with regards to Ikea Cheras. This complaint included bad service , poor communication from staff which cost me two days of unfruitful shopping. 1.I wanted to purchase a complete kitchen but due to the place being busy no staff were available which is understandable. 2. There should have at least being a numbered queuing system or a booking system as in Ikeas I have visited abroad. 3. I decided to make a shopping...
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All around customer service is poor.Store is horrible. Nobody to answer a simple question. Want to order by phone or online but want to know delivery time? No information. Call the listed phone number, it asks you to press # and when you do, it bids you goodbye. It is as if some juvenile is playing a prank. You can NOT get anyone to talk to if your delivery is 5 days late. the company said earlier that delivery is private. It looks like it was...
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