Irvine, California

If you want to email directly the President of IKEA US, his name is Mike Ward. Please follow the following email exactly but try both because it may be under Michael or Mike:

Hope this helps for the unhappy customers.

I know many companies don't like to have their experiences pass the stores to the main headquarters or try to not get to the US level within their organization. Here's your opportunity.

The format is the same for any person within IKEA as long as you have their first and last name. First name first then a dot then their last name and then

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Ikea insights community requests people to fill out survey online saying there are gift card to giveaway. It turns out to be giving contact information and questions to third party.

They flake on you without any communication. No gift card no explanation no nothing.


Please make sure the Miami ikea gets back salt licorice, they always carried something and nothing at all. So sad.


Ikea makes junk to look pretty.

Not worth the time and money to go there and purchase anything.

The items they deliver are either damaged or are missing nuts and bolts.

More work just to set it all straight.

I'm never ever going back to Ikea. there are so many other stores that sell furniture that lasts.

Beautiful junk is what I call Ikea and so are their services.!!!!


How does ikea run their business with uneducated *** that have attitudes, managers that are ghosts,wow I wish i could have a job n be paid and never show up, where are the applications for Ikea management!


I have a complaint about IKEA Hicksville everytime I go there there is no help and whenever I try to talk to a manager I have to wait 20 -25 minutes and all the manager I speak to is Janet and she got an Attitude problem so please do something


Don't waste your time emailing the President of the company. Do you really think he has time to handle customer complaints?

All customer problems addressed to "corporate" go back to the store to solve.

Seriously don't waste your time. From Experience.


Great ! Huge gratitude to you for this !

Just emailed Ikea president about a problem with the Compact Florescent Bulbs installed with Mercury Vapor. The amount of Mercury in one CFL bulb is enough to poison 6,000 gallons of water!

THE USA EPA knows this and the recommended standard for clean up when one bulb breaks is to call a HAZMAT team to clean up the broken bulb. I know its nuts.

There is enough documentation on the internet on this issue. We need to get the CFL bulbs banned is the bottom line !!!


We are getting rid of all our CFL lightbulbs soon and replacing them w/LEDs. We also have lightbulb recycling for ALL Lightblbs at most of our store so even if you don't shop at Ikea please bring us your old bulbs!