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We purchased plates, cups, bowls and other assorted glassware from Ikea. The products were described as lilac hand blown glass.

When we began to wash the plates and remove the stickers, we noticed that the clear spots were showing up on some of the plates. We were shocked to learn that the glassware is not really lilac, but instead it is made of clear glass and has some sort of plastic film covering. We checked the bowls and cups and found them all to be the same. Since the products are made in China we were a bit concerned that flakes of this plastic coating could get into our food and we have no idea what types of chemicals might be in the product.

Not to mention, that after a few months, the dishes were going to blotchy messes of clear and lilac as the film continued to scratch or wear off. We called Ikea and told them we had traveled from a long distance to pick up the dishes, we told them that we were very unhappy that the plates were not advertised as

coated and we told them we wanted to be compensated. They expressed shock and said they had no idea that the glassware was not solid glass. We were told we would be refunded our money and compensated with coupons or store credit for our time and mileage.

We returned to the store and our money was refunded, but they refused to give us any other type of compensation. They changed their story from what they had said on the phone and claimed they new the dishes were coated, but they were safe for use. We told them to post a sign so other consumers were aware, but they refused and told us they did not want to deal with our concerns.

We want others to know that this film could flake and it could get into food products and beverages.

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I wanted to buy the dishes that Lannie 1184 compained about. Thanks for the warning.

Low blow... shame on IKEA