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If only I had checked online instead of just seeing my friend's kitchen. I ordered $5,000+ worth of kitchen cabinets 11/20/2016. I was told they would be delivered 12/16. I heard nothing from them. When I called 12/16/16 afternoon to check on it I was told that the two largest cabinets were damaged and they were unsure when my cabinet order would be delivered. I told them to deliver the order and include damaged cabinets. I could fit two in my...
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Anonymous lol

Spent over $1000 on cabinets and inserts.Boxes were missing pieces and the installers said I would have to go back to the store (and wait over an hour in returns/exchanges?) to pick up the pieces. Then I would have to reschedule the installers to come back out and fix. The installers acted like this was business as usual and were in a race to get out and on to the next unfinished job. I called customer service and asked for a refund on the labor...
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I purchased two two cabinet doors at Ikea in Ottawa, one of which had a flaw in the finish. This is a quality control problem that is seemingly endemic in Ikea products. Given the inconvenience that this places on customers, one would reasonably expect a simple exchange of the flawed product for the exact same item, followed by an apology for the inconvenience caused. For me that inconvenience was a 24 km round trip to the store and a half hour...
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unfairhiringprastices Yeah giving you an exchange would have been good customer service, but holding on to your receipt would have been acting like a adult. Yeah mistakes happen, we are not perfec...

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