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Ikea has put their customers in harm way, and they must be stopped. Ikea was stated by Nazi Ingvar Kamprad, and we should stop putting our money in his pocket. Come to StopIkea.com and join the community effort.

Ikea sells garbage furniture that has injured many people. Ikea management seems to follow Nazi business practices, and they must be stopped. Big-Box trash dealers are destroying our economy. Hungry??? Eat your import!

The California law firm Manning Marder Kass Ellrod Ramirez is also making money from this Nazi company. Manning Marder Kass Ellrod Ramirez is no better than Ikea, and they are selling us out. Ikea spends millions to coverup their problems instead of correcting them fairly. DO NOT SHOP AT IKEA HOME FURNISHINGS.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Communist Jews. The Nazi's sought to rid Germany of this plague however the Communist Jews were experts at manipulating and through their lies then convinced the other countries of Europe to turn on Germany.

Now the Communist Jews turn on fine company of IKEA.

Very typical of these vermin!



How dare you dismiss Nazi involvement, as if it was just the thing to do at the time. Ingvar Kamprad is a selfish man, as anyone who knows him to agree. If you choose to support his billions then you are clearly part of the problem. The only true solution is to STOP SHOPPING AT IKEA.

I know hundreds of good people in Berkeley who were shocked to learn the truth, and they will never support IKEA again. There are plenty of local companies that do not support Nazi beliefs. Anyone who takes the time here to defend IKEA is either an ***, or is being paid to help IKEA.

I suggest that you all do your homework and live responsibly and in support of GREEN COMPANIES, instead of Evil Nazi thinking. I am shocked at how *** some of these responses are. This is an important principal, so do not stomp on the memory of so many who were killed because of this thinking.


I apologize, I have made a mistake. I should have put quotations around "harm's way".


"Harm way"? Sorry, but it should be harm's way.



we are so naive.....

ikea is realy destroying our world with a lot of other logo....

acomplete destruction of pepole and nation and culture and freedom

"no logo" of Naomie Klein....and now also "the choc doctrine" also Klein


Evidence photo?? Missing bolt??

You have got to be kidding. This has to be a joke...


regarding *** - did you know that IBM sold a lot of their technology to Germany in the 30's ? Remember the paper punch cards?

How the heck do you think they kept such meticulous records?

Also, after the war, we brought a lot of them into the US to help against the "WAr on Communism>' History is a funny thing. Don't be so shocked or naive.


I used to shop at IKEA when they first came to US. Quality good - I still am using my shelf units they look great despite years of abuse, but lately, the products are *** lotsa complaints from people I know.


LOL is this a joke?


*** who wrote this site can not even spell right..."stated"? Started! If you want to get people involved make your spelling mistakes at the bottom.


Well I like Ikea and of course I don't want to support Nazi's. So I gave the website above a chance.

I clicked on the name Ingvar Kamprad. Then clicked on the first supposed website that supports what is said above (Ingvar Kamprad on Wikipedia) Just says he joined the Nazi party in 1945 and may have had some activity in 1950s and that it is unknown if he is still a member. Weren't most people in that area a Nazi member at one time?

Also says he sent a letter to all of his Jewish employees apologizing. I didn't waste my time on the rest of the website.


I have been shopping there for the last 10 years and still have many items from then.. I find its a great place to shop, lots of choices and great customer service.

Over the years of shopping there my home home has become an oasis of comfort at a really low cost. HIGHLY RECOMENDED !!


That's too bad.. I have had GREAT luck with IKEA. My family has had their furniture for 20+ years and even after severl inter-continental moves the furniture is still sturdy and safe!


hi there, could you tell me where you are located and do you sell truck campers? thanks larry